What is Inveztly?

Inveztly cloud-based software offers modular and scalable advanced technological solutions, that aims to empower investors by providing them with the best tools to invest into the future. Our service assists Asset- & Wealth Managers, Institutional Investors, Banks, Financial Advisors, and many others in executing professional and compliant investments decisions.

We strongly believe that insight is the key to great investments. Through advanced econometric calculations, the user can analyse, evaluate, and calculate risk and performance in a state-of-the-art fashion, effortlessly. Our algorithm has the capacity to provide the user with a performance forecast of their investments, which is pioneering within the financial industry.

Simplicity is key: Here is how it works


Inveztly has retrieved historical data from over a thousand unique funds. Our database consists of everything between Fixed Income and Hedge Funds and is summarized with all relevant calculations to enable well balanced decisions.


The tool offers a variety of proven and accepted statistical and mathematical models to feature the characteristics of the various funds to the client/user.


With the complex analysis out of the way, it simplifies the effort of comparing funds. Our intuitive and visual tools give the client/user that suits their unique profile the best. Additionally, there is a hint on how the funds will perform in the future.

Additional potential:

Take advantage of Inveztlys full caliber and orchestrate complete portfolios of your choice. Depending on experience, preference, and purpose, we assist in creating tailormade fund portfolios, associated services and follow-up.